Registration Procedure

The registration for the symposium shall be performed in a two-step procedure.

Step 1: Online registration

Please fill in your information using the following form. After this, you will be redirected to the official fib-page for payment, where you can conclude the payment process of step 1 (select option No. 1). If you have concluded this procedure, you will receive a Zoom-link to the event some days before the Symposium. If you want to join us in person in Attisholz, please proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Upgrade (only needed, if you want to come on site to Attisholz)

If you want to join us in person, you need to upgrade your online registration. To do so, please go to the official fib-page for payment and select one of the two options (No. 2 or 3) for physical attendance (with or without technical tour). More information about the technical tours can be found here.

Once you have concluded the payment process, you are registered to the on-site event and can plan your trip to Attisholz. More information about the traveling can be found here.

Mid of August, we will send you a very short form in which you can indicate your priorities in relation to the technical tours (if you have registered for them) and let us know about your food preferences. This will make our planning a lot easier.

Registration fees

Online Participation (Step 1)

Regular Attendee (Standard Rate) 100 CHF
fib Members, Students (Standard Rate) 60 CHF

In order to get the reduced registration fee for students, you will need to register or create an fib account as student (for free). You can do this during the payment process.

Upgrade to Physical Attendance at Attisholz Areal (Step 2)

fib Members, Students +150 CHF
Regular Attendee +250 CHF
Discussion on a physical model: Frei Otto and collaborators; source: Institute for Lightweight Structures Archive