The four technical tours on Saturday 18th September will feature Swiss landmarks at the interface between architecture and engineering, including works by Robert Maillart, Heinz Isler, Heinz Hossdorf, Christian Kerez and Santiago Calatrava. Each tour will be led by experts on the specific topic.


Each tour will start / end at a train station. Also during lunch time, each tour has planned a short stop at a train station. This will allow you to leave after the morning part if you have to. You can store your luggage in a locker at the corresponding train station or for tour 1&2 to a certain extend store your bag in the mini-van.


In the prize (of 30 CHF) included is the travel during the tour, a simple lunch (sandwiches) and all the entrance fees (if needed).


You have to first register for an on-site participation (step 1 & 2 – with technical tour) here.

After you have finished this registration process at the official fib page, we will send a very short form (before the end of August)to all the registered persons, in which you can indicate your priorities in relation to the technical tours. Based on this, we will assign you to one tour and inform you then accordingly with the last details.

Robert Maillart, Schwandbachbrücke, Rüeggisberg. Photo: ETH-Bibiothek Zürich
Heinz Isler, BP-Tankstelle Deitingen-Süd, 1967-68. Photo: gta Archiv / ETH Zürich
Leutschenbach School, 2009; arch. Christian Kerez, eng. Dr. Schwartz Consulting – Photo: Leonardo Finotti