The symposium will follow an innovative format combining physical presentations and attendance together with online audience in the form of webinars. The focus will be placed on the following four topics:

Exposed or concealed: the interaction between structure and architecture.
How does structural design shape the overall concept?

Challenging gravity: contemporary structures for our built environment.
How can structures challenge gravity with new systems, materials and construction technologies?

Rediscovering the past: forgotten structures and concepts to rethink the future.
How can projects and concepts from the past be a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge for future projects?

Behind the curtain: the creative role of structural engineers and architects in the 21st century.
Which responsibilities do structural engineers and architects face and which skills will they require in the future with respect to society, economy, and environment?

Fondation Michalski, Montricher, Switzerland, 2010; arch. Mangeat-Wahlen Architectes Associés, eng. Muttoni & Fernández Ingénieurs Conseils – Photo: Miguel Fernández