The tour will start at 9:30 at the train station in Basel (Basel SBB) and will end around 17:30 at the same location.

The tour will visit the following projects: Einstellhalle, alte Schreinerei, Bibliothek, Kraftwerk, Stadtheater. Our expert Conrad Jauslin will accompany it.

In the price (of 30 CHF) included is the travel with the public transport, a simple lunch (sandwiches) and all the entrance fees (if needed).


You have to first register for an on-site participation (step 1 & 2 – with technical tour) here.

After you have finished this registration process at the official fib page, we will send a very short form (before the end of August)to all the registered persons, in which you can indicate your priorities in relation to the technical tours. Based on this, we will assign you to one tour and inform you then accordingly with the last details.

Heinz Hossdorf, Autoeinstellhalle der Linder-Häuser in Basel, 1953-54. Photo: Heinz Hossdorf / Das Erlebnis Ingenieur zu sein, p. 17